Dominica in 360

Dominica Photos in 360 degree

Duration: Approximately 3 Hours
Bois Cotlette is the oldest surviving estate on Dominica.

With a 290 year history producing cocoa, coffee, and sugar cane, the estate today continues forward processing cocoa from beans into dark chocolate bars and candies.

On this educational and interactive tour, we will get hands on in two aspects of chocolate.

First, how to process cocoa beans.

Together, we will harvest some cocoa from a tree and then demonstrate the fermenting, drying, roasting and grinding processes.

We are now well on our way to making chocolate.

Then, in the estate kitchen, let’s focus on the artistic side of chocolate.

We will use our Bois Cotlette Estate couverture blocks and temper, pour, and mold that special dark chocolate into our signature candies.

As we work crafting our candy pieces, we will learn the qualities that actually define real chocolate.

While sampling the chocolate, we will also learn how to express and describe the tastes we are experiencing through the use of chocolate flavor wheels.

On the Bois Cotlette Chocolate Experience Tour you will get a chance to enjoy the Bois Cotlette Estate grounds at a relaxed pace in a pristine and tranquil setting.

You will learn about and gain insight on both how chocolate is made as well as how to appreciate tasting fine dark chocolate candies.

You will have a chance to meet with the property owners and also enjoy an authentic Bois Cotlette rum punch, experience the extraordinary Bois Cotlette ruins, and stroll through the Planter’s Herb Garden.


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